Kodak i750 High-Speed Desktop Production Color Scanners

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i750 High-Speed Desktop Production Color Scanners

Product Description

The Kodak i700 Series Scanners ideally match the speed and volume requirements of your enterprise. The KODAK i750 Scanner delivers all the advantages of the tried-and-true KODAK i780 Scanner, a Better Buys for Business Editor's Choice Award winner: the speed you need, automatic features like auto orientation for exceptional images every time, and rugged, reliable performance.

Compare specs, and you'll see that the KODAK i750 Scanner outruns the competition with speeds up to 115 ppm. But the i750 Scanner's actual throughput advantage is much greater than raw numbers—because, unlike competing products, it delivers maximum scanning while meeting real needs under real-world conditions. You get true 115 ppm performance when scanning:

  • At up to 300 dpi resolution
  • In color, grayscale or black-and-white
  • In dual stream mode (outputting up to four images per scan)
  • With all advanced features enabled
    Pace-setting image processing
  • Recommended Daily Volume: Up to 115,000 pages per day
  • Take pre-sorting right out of your business process—with the automatic orientation feature, document content is analyzed on-the-fly and your images are automatically displayed in the correct reading orientation.
  • Exclusive Perfect Page imaging delivers exceptional image quality, with readability equal to or better than the original document.
  • Auto color detection for threshold-based automatic color scanning.
  • Electronic color dropout allows the scanner to eliminate the form color, capturing only the information you need.
  • Auto cropping, so you capture only the actual document—and deskew, to automatically straighten every image.
  • Five output options meet virtually any imaging requirement—black-and-white, color or grayscale, plus two dual stream options: color and black-and-white, or grayscale and black- and-white.
    Extra-versatile, efficient paper handling
  • Easily scan mixed batches of business documents, photos, tear sheets and graphics.
  • Pre-scan document imprinting.
  • SurePath technology delivers the paper-feeding reliability you need for uninterrupted workflow.
  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection helps prevent misfeeds by recognizing labels, stick-on notes, and stuck-together documents.
  • Flexible input tray feeds a wide range of document sizes and shapes, with lockable paper-feeding guides and an included short-document exit tray for stacking smaller documents.
  • Fast elevator allows you to quickly reach the ready-to-scan position

Warranty Information

1 Year
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