Maple S08 nail printer with computer all in one

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S08 nail printer with computer all in one

Product Description

This model fit for business use , Your first select! You must direct buy from us or can't get service online!Only us have Two years warranty online!

5 nails/5 toes one time ,apple,rose,mobil,egg etc.With Computer and toutch screen all in one!!


L(400mm) W(400mm) H(450mm)
Power reqiured: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/50HZ
Power: 50W
Net weight: 22KG
Gross weight: 25KG

Environmental requirement :
Working temperature 10 oC-40 oC

PC inside with LCD:
Picture bank: Open
Spray definition:4800DPI

1) Over 5,000 patterns stored
2) Over one million patterns can be added freely
3) Auto identification of nail shapes
4) Prints 5 nails/5 toes at one time
5) Can paint speakingroses,apple,egg etc.

Package include:
Printer driver CD (designs gallery included)
1 USB disk
1 User Guide
1 Ink Cartridge (lexmark 27)
5 bottles of Special Pre Coat
1 hand mold(five fingers)
1 foot mold(five toes)
1 English demo VCD
1 tools for nailart.
2 nail & speakingroses gallery books

Warranty Information

1 year
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